good i want to delete this blog so badly jesus Christ but i still care about the messages i got on there and i kinda dont want to lose them??? end me im so gross

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Here is a link fr anyone having trouble understanding what is happenning all over the world.


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Hey guys! As you probably saw the other night I entered my art into this mumford and sons contest, the voting is only up until the 7th of June so please vote for me and get your friends to vote for me! I could really use whatever cash prize they have AND the exposure.


I don’t think any of the supporters I got yesterday count for some reason so please go vote for me so I can get into top 50 and beyonndddd
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Anonymous inquired:

TENNESSEELOOPYJUICE: Totally Engaging, Novelly Nymph-like, Entirely Stunning, So Entrancing, Elegantly Lovely, Optimistically Open, Patently Youthful, Joyously Ultimate, Intriguingly Charming, (and) Effervescent. Just sending warm fuzzies out into tumblrdom. :o) Hugs.

!!!!<3 that’s still the nicest thing ever for real how sweet is that 

people being randomly adorable more like come here so i can hug the frick out of u 

((also im rly sorry my url is so long))

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a storm whereon they ride but basically everything by that author im serious all of it now

Amber and linen (wip)

Limits dw/glee crossover Au since grilled cheesus

Until my dying breath Kurt is a vamp

syrup and honey 

One in Four lots of triggers tho like damn (wip)

F.Ound YoU ((slenderman))

Endymion Fell 

Noble (on glee kink meme) (wip)

Long Way to Happy (it’s awful) (like wow) also hasn’t updated in a long time but im keeping hope

The devil in the Details Blaine is a demon

Games people play 

In Ivy and in Twine (there’s a sequel too)


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happy holidays and such people

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i probably won’t be here for some while from now on because tbh it just makes me feels like shit so bye

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it’s not what the teacher was expecting so im pretty sure i’ll get a terrible grade anyway but im actually okay with the covers i did yay

now obviously i screwed up the rest of it but at least it looks neat??
#also i've been searching for idea for the van gogh one a a month now #im just glad i finally got sometHING okay ish #school!!! yeah